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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook images/graphics. Where do you keep them?

Remko Tronçon wrote:
>> Which works fine... so long as the reader, And Bobs site, are on line?
> Eh?
> Let me see if I understand your problem (sorry if I'm underestimating
> your knowledge): you generate an HTML file using the docbook-xsl
> stylesheets, and you want to make sure you can put the HTML file
> online and make sure that the pictures still work (or, alternatively,
> make sure you can package the HTML file such that anybody opening it
> locally can still see the pictures?)

Both ideally, me for testing, then the reader for access.

> If you generate an HTML file, AFAIK, all figure references are
> relative to the html file generated (i.e. they are searched for in the
> images/ subdir below the dir where the HTML file resides).

No. That's part of the problem. Customization lets me reference
them wherever I want. Relatively (disk or website) or absolutely
on (for example) sourceforge or Bobs site at sagehill.

  So, if you
> make sure you package the images dir together with the HTML file, or
> make sure that the images dir is in the same dir as the HTML file,
> you'll be fine.

Yes, which is what I've been doing, the result being that (since I'm
not as well organized as HP) I have lots of sets of the docbook images
all over my disk and all over my website! Hence I'm looking
for a smarter idea.

> If you're not happy with a relative path below the generated HTML
> (e.g. because you want to share the images between multiple
> documents), you can set a parameter instructing docbook-xsl to output
> a different path for the <img src='...'/> elements it generates. For
> example, you could tell it to prepend
> "http://example.com/book/graphics/"; to every image in the resulting
> HTML document.

Yes, that's what the standard customization layer does.
for callout graphics.


Dave Pawson

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