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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] xml catalogs

On 10/08/09 20:02, George Cristian Bina wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> XML Catalog 1.1 (implemented by the Apache resolver) added support for
> resolving based on a suffix and that should solve the problem as the
> file will end in the same way. Note also that you need a system mapping
> (not a uri mapping) to resolve a DTD reference, something like below:
> <systemSuffix systemIdSuffix="your.dtd" uri="path/to/local/copy.dtd"/>
> Best Regards,
> George

Don't you hate it when they're always right :-)

Parse catalog: erlang.catalog.xml
Loading catalog: erlang.catalog.xml
Default BASE: file:////files/erlang/erlang.catalog.xml
systemSuffix: erlref.dtd
SYSTEM_SUFFIX: erlref.dtd
systemSuffix: xhtml-lat1.ent
SYSTEM_SUFFIX: xhtml-lat1.ent

Works perfectly, latest Apache resolver.jar

Many thanks George, Jirka.

XML question.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="latin1" ?>
<!DOCTYPE erlref SYSTEM "erlref.dtd">

The DTD isn't in the same folder as the instance,
the parser needs the DTD to resolve the entity,
Is this instance
a) Well formed
b) Invalid
c) 'Wrong'

I can't make up my mind.


Dave Pawson

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