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Subject: RE: [ANNOUNCE] dbdoclet 5.2.0b371

Hello Rob,

yes, the javadoc tool extracts the structure and gives it to the doclet.
The doclet then knows about the inheritance path, the fields and methods
and can generate e.g. images and DocBook XML. The javadoc comments are
additional descriptions.  

Am Donnerstag, den 13.08.2009, 11:10 -0400 schrieb 

> Michael Fuchs [mailto:mlist@dbdoclet.org] wrote:
> > DocBook Doclet creates DocBook XML and class diagrams from Javadoc
> > comments, converts HTML to DocBook, and transfoms DocBook XML into
> > various output formats. It consists of a complete DocBook distribution
> > containing schemas and the DocBook XSL stylesheets. It also integrates
> > Apache FOP as the XSL:FO processor. A Swing application is used to
> > customize the doclet and most of the DocBook XSL parameters 
> > and to start
> > the transformations.
> Michael, I'm curious: Can this tool extract the structure of a Java
> project if there are no Javadoc comments in it? I'm looking for
> something that can create documentation with the class hierarchy,
> syntax, etc., even if there are no explanatory comments within the
> source code.
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