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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Frames like HTML view of TOC and document

>>>>> "TD" == Tom Dobbs <Tom.Dobbs@pluck.com> writes:

TD> I probably do the inelegant thing quite often with my solution,
TD> especially for the DocBook end of things, but here's what I do:

What you proposed is pretty close to what I had tried.  In fact I even
used Jim's mktree library.  I couldn't find step by step instructions
to make a CSS paned docbook view work.  Sounds like there is some
interest in a solution like what we're discussing, so I'm willing to
put something on the wiki once I get it working.  Your comments filled
in several missing points (e.g., toc.list.type ul).  I'll post a
pointer once I've got something up and running.  A review would be
most appreciated.

FWIW, I generate a single document.

TD> jQuery has several plugins that give you resizable handles you can
TD> attach to any page element.

If you have a CSS pane resizer, would you be willing to share it?

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