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Subject: nested xinclude and figure

Hi everyone, 

I am in dire need of some xinclude advice. I think a somehow similar issue already has been discussed in October but I couldn't find useful hints there.

What I have is a administrator manual from which I derive a user manual by creating a new <book> in a different directory and then pull the relevant parts and chapters  via xinclude. 

Structure looks like this (simplified):

  |_ /admin
  |   |_/img  
  |   |
  |   |_/content
  |       |
  |       |_/subsect
  |_ /user
The files in content and subsect each have <informalfigure> elements pointing to "../img" respectively to "../../img". 

My tool chain starts with xmllint to resolve the xincludes followed by using saxon 6.5.2 to do the transformation into xsl-fo. What happens is that after the xsl transformation the @fileref of the "innermost" graphic looks like this: "file:///e:/temp/xinclude-test/admin/admin/admin/_img/note.png" which is obviously plain wrong in the triple "admin" part. Formatter would be Antenna House 4.2

I tried fiddling around with different versions of the docbook stylesheets, avoiding the use of my customization layers, but the result was always the same. I also looked into the (what I think) relevant templates of common.xsl where @fileref is dealt with. 

I have uploaded my test files (http://uploaded.to/file/sh9jus) because I wasn't sure if attachments are welcome on this list. 

Thanks in advance for any clues!

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