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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How do I highlight inline text ?

On Wed, 7 Apr 2010 19:46:52 -0400
"Robert Lucente" <rlucente@pipeline.com> wrote:
[lazily :-)]

> It was big help.
> The generic explanation followed by the specific example of wanting to
> change from yellow to blue really hit the point home.

don't forget the 3 of your readers who are color blind. 

The rest is a CSS question IMHO

> How do I go about figuring out the magic words for the CSS stylesheet
> entry ?

> And now a worked example: p {color: blue; font-size: 120%; }
> So, is it as easy as adding the following entry ?
> .key_words {color: yellow}

Yes, but a little effort will produce very good results?
CSS is great for instant reward.
I use the O'Reilly CSS The definitive guide.
Again and again and again. 

p.emphasis {
font-weight: bold;
color: yellow;
As each property is added, finish it with the semi-colon.
Get the colors from http://html-color-codes.info/#HTML_Color_Picker
or google CSS color chart

> I am attempting to be lazy and avoid working my way through
> http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS

I generally find a book easier than the rec, they are
written for implementers, not users.




Dave Pawson

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