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Subject: olink basics

Currently we are not "chunking" documentation but at some point I would 
like to be able to do that. To that end, because currently there are no 
cross-references at all, I want to implement cross-references so they 
will work whether or not the documents are "chunked" at transformation.

I had no luck with <olink> because when I did the transform I always got 
a failure to resolve the olinks.

To start with I wanted to olink between two chapters in a book. I added 
an xml:id to each <chapter> tag and, because all chapter files are in 
the same directory, used the following as the olink.db:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE targetset
SYSTEM "targetdatabase.dtd" [
<!ENTITY SDKOverview SYSTEM "SDKOverview.db">

              <document targetdoc="SDKIntroduction"

               <document targetdoc="SDKEnumeration">


Question: Does the name of "baseuri" have to correspond to anything? 
Should it correspond to the name of the chapter (SDKIntroduction) or to 
the book (CAStorSDKOverview)?

Link: <olink targetdoc="SDKEnumeration" targetptr="StartMethod"/>

Transform command line:

xsltproc --output c:\<filename> /
--stringparam collect.xref.targets "yes" /
--stringparam target.database.document "olinkdb.xml" /
--stringparam current.docid "CAStorSDKOverview" /
--xinclude C:\<our-custom-xsl> C:\<book-file>


Writing target.db for book(CAStorSDKOverview)
Error: unresolved olink: targetdoc/targetptr = 'SDKEnumeration/StartMethod'.



Steve Johnson, Senior Content Developer

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