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Subject: Re: article / info / author / address - how do I make it appear?

>>>>> Bob Stayton writes:

> Hi,

>> I had hoped, I would find a simple switch saying "include author?".

> Well, there are a lot of info elements that could appear on title
> pages, there are many ways to order those elements, and there are many
> ways of formatting them. Everyone has different requirements, so a
> simple switch would not be adequate.  

> That's why Norm Walsh created
> the system of titlepage specification files, from which the XSL
> templates are generated using a separate process.  That gives you
> complete control over what elements to use, the order, and the
> formats.  It does make it more complex, but it is a reasonable
> solution to a complex problem.

You could have referred me to chapter 11 ;-)


I have the dead-tree version in front of me, too.

> I have generally found it easiest to copy the entire
> titlepage.templates.xml file to a new specification file, make any
> edits, process it to an XSL module, and import that XSL module.

> However, you don't have to copy the whole thing.  You could create a
> smaller spec file that includes just the specs for one element like
> article or book.  You could not just include t:titlepage-content,
> though.

> <t:templates ...> <t:titlepage t:element="article" ...>
> <t:titlepage-content t:side="recto" ...> <title .../> <author .../>
> ...  </t:titlepage-content> ...

Without your book this recipe wouldn't really be enough for someone like me ;-(

I would love to possess the PDF as well, but then: there is no upgrade or bundle price, and my budget is still on the low side currently ;-(

> Bob Stayton
> Sagehill Enterprises

Thanks for the pointer!


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