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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] remove the word "chapter"

Here's what I use:

<xsl:param name="local.l10n.xml" select="document('')"/>
<l:i18n xmlns:l="http://docbook.sourceforge.net/xmlns/l10n/1.0">
  <l:l10n language="en">
    <l:context name="title-numbered">
      <l:template name="chapter" text="%n.&#160;%t"/>
      <l:template name="section" text="%n&#160;%t"/>


On 10 August 2010 06:40, rabarivelo solofo <rabasolofo@yahoo.fr> wrote:
Hi there,

I was trying to remove   the word "chapter" a few days ago, but I cannot do it until the time.

Is there someone who can help me to remove it? I want something like that :

 1. Introduction  instead of  " Chapter 1. Introduction"

Best regards,


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