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Subject: multi-lingual DocBook Website web-sites

Hi there!

I created a couple of mono-lingual web-site using DocBook Website,
and I personnally love them.

Obviously an English web-site addressing a public in the German speaking countries, doesn't make too much sense,
and maybe I should have started them in German right from the beginng,
but I didn't want to.

But I knew from the very beginnings of these web-sites,
that I would want them multi-lingual sooner or later.

So the multi-lingual refers to a couple of aspects, even not too seriously connected issues:

1.) With the currenty stylesheets to create HTML from DocBook Website documents:
would it be possible to extract&convert parts of the documents labeled with the languages of respective parts of these documents
*into* *separate* *HTML* *documents*

and 2.) would it be possible to "publically" link these different HTML files to each other
using "e.g." the flags of the countries, where these languages are spoken most.

Maybe you came across multi-lingual web-sites before,
maybe you want to suggest a pragmatical way to deal with this sort of issue.

Kind regards,
Jochen Hayek

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