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Subject: [ANN] Publican 2.2 released

  Publican 2.2 is now released, containing numerous bug fixes, and 
previews of a couple of major new features that we hope to refine in 
subsequent releases. There's a full changelog at the end of this post, 
but the two new features are man page output and support for OPDS.

Man page support is pretty raw and untested, but without a preview it's 
unlikely to get tested robustly, so we are shipping it as is. To build a 
man page, run:

publican build --formats=man 

OPDS support is fully functional, but the final decision on how to 
segment content has not been been made. We believe the current layout is 
workable and definitely good enough for people to use it, and hopefully 
the feedback we receive from its use will help us nail down the final 
structure. When you install a book in EPUB format to a 
Publican-generated website, Publican automatically generates OPDS 
catalog entries to help users obtain the book on their readers.

If you add either the Fedora documentation site[0]  or Red Hat 
documentation site[1] to your EPUB reader, you can see the system in action.

Feedback very welcome on the OPDS functionality, even if you don't use 
Publican yourself.

Anyone using Fedora 12 or Fedora 13 can download and install the 
Publican 2.2 package from Koji [2]

If Publican 2.2 works for you on Fedora, please leave positive karma in 
Bodhi so that Publican 2.2 reaches the main Fedora repos sooner.[3] Note 
that you must be logged in, or your karma won't count.

If you use a Linux distro other than Fedora, the source code is 
available from fedorahosted.[4] We hope to have the Windows installer 
updated soon.

Rudi, with thanks to Jeff Fearn, on whose post to Publican list I based 
this announcement.

[0] http://docs.fedoraproject.org/opds.xml

[1] http://docs.redhat.com/docs/opds.xml

[2] Fedora 13 -- 
or Fedora 12 -- 

[3] Fedora 13 -- 
https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/publican-2.2-0.fc13 or Fedora 12 
-- https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/publican-2.2-0.fc12

[4] https://fedorahosted.org/releases/p/u/publican/Publican-2.2.tar.gz


Change log for 2.2:

- Extend callout graphics to 40; adjust colour and font BZ #629804
- Make keycombo example consistent with RHEL6 behaviour. BZ #618735
- Restrict CSS style for edition to title pages to avoid applying to 
- Fix images/icon.svg breaking rpm build. BZ #612515
- Fix empty term breaking PDF build. BZ #614728
- Fix footnote not catching modified para. BZ #565903
- Fix SRPM not including web labels. BZ #621036
- Update tocs when home page is updated. BZ #612027
- Don't display stats for unused languages. BZ #613500
- Fix admonitions/varlistentry not having IDs. BZ #616112
- Fix procedure/itemizedlist/orderedlist not having IDs. BZ #612817
- Catch invalid revision in translation. BZ #621721
- Limit index.html redirection to installed languages. BZ #612009
- Fix smaller width being overridden by max_image_width. BZ #613140
- Fix support for def_lang for web sites. BZ #622030
- Remove ant trails from selected links.
- Add --novalid option to disable validation when building. BZ #616142
- Revert change to escaping ', ", >, <. BZ #628266
- Add support for product and version splash pages. BZ #613502
- Fix unused version breaking product hiding.
- Add support for alerts for parameters.
- Add bash completion.
- Validate revnumber for changelog. BZ #628464
- Add basic man page support. BZ #632027
- Add basic support for line numbers. BZ #629463
- Add warning messages for out of date translations.
- Add productname to IGNOREBLOCKS. BZ #625316
- Add OPDS support. BZ #615831
- Fix translated labels in web nav. BZ #631647
- Remove highlighting from output of prompt tag in html. BZ #618902
- Resize index title font to a sane size. BZ #624392
- Fix misapplied fonts for CJK. BZ #628786
- Fix attributes breaking translation merge. BZ #638816
- Fix entities missing from RPM description. BZ #626254
- Add bridgehead_in_toc parameter. BZ #616123
- Support '--lang all' for lang_stats.
- Left align CJK in PDF. BZ #639811
- Fix constraint regex on docname and productname. BZ #640082

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