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Subject: diff marking

Is there any program out there which, given two versions of a DocBook v5 
file, finds the differences and outputs a marked-up version *using the 
revisionflag attributes*?

Afaik, most xml diff programs create an output more like the traditional 
line-based diff program, or some sort of 'patch' output.  One exception 
is Norm Walsh's diffmk program, which is supposed to set the 
revisionflag attributes.  Unfortunately, v2 of this program sees to work 
only with DocBook v4 (and possibly earlier) documents; in particular, it 
requires a DocType.  And I can't get v3 to run at all, it just gives me 
the ff. error:
    Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute
which seems to mean that something that's supposed to be there (the
equivalent of a 'main' in some programming languages, maybe) isn't.

I'd be very happy to be proven wrong.
	Mike Maxwell
         "A library is the best possible imitation, by human beings,
         of a divine mind, where the whole universe is viewed and
         understood at the same time... we have invented libraries
         because we know that we do not have divine powers, but we
         try to do our best to imitate them." --Umberto Eco

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