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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Generating title for "link" element

Hello Bob & all,
> I'm not clear that this customization to copy the link element's text 
> into the title attribute should be the default behavior.  It was my 
> understanding that the title attribute was meant to add information 
> about the target of the link. It would seem to me that copying the 
> text of the link into the title attribute is not useful for that 
> purpose.  I mean, the text is present in the link element, and would 
> be read by the screen reader.  Duplicating that text in the title 
> attribute would be redundant, wouldn't it?
Yes it would be redundant and highly undesirable from an accessibility 
point of view to have link text duplicated in title-attribute, esp. as 
default behaviour.

I just have been getting up-to-date on this topic via accessibility 
lists and literature:
Actually, the very best practice with links is to have a descriptive 
word or phrase as the visible link text (including an accessible 
indication if the link is site external).

Since title-tag visibility is very variable between user agents 
(browser,screen reader + indiv. settings) and user requirements (e.g. 
low vision: title tooltip text doesn't resize),
the information in title should, in the best case, be a dispensable bit 
of extra information.


Nathalie Sequeira
webseiten mit *n-faktor

Türingstr. 6
6020 Innsbruck
Mobil: 0650 224 3336

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