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Subject: re: Subject: epub files fail to generate for some components

Thanks for your ideas, but my issue seems to be a stylesheet problem. Firstly, I will keep using oXygen to create epub files. As a  potential ebook editor, I need the fine control to edit each HTML file for style and layout - I have especially found that table columns need to be resized so the text in each column is separated sufficiently. I also need to edit image widths in HTML files. Yes, DocBook 5 only creates the files for an epub and I then need to edit the mimetype file and zip all files into an epub - but that is exactly the control I need over the production process.
So, having established that I'll keep using oXygen 12, I have transformed other individual chapters to epub with no problems - I get all the files I need in their correct epub folders. I'm checking that individual chapters transform first, before I use a master file with includes for all components, etc to transform an entire book. These XML files that have worked so far have been "chapter", "preface" and "bibliography" components.
But when I follow the exact same process to create epub from "glossary" and "index" components, I get a messy (incorrect content) HTML file that is not copied into the OEBPS folder as it should. 
This suggests something in the stylesheets that I need to set or modify. I'll have a closer look at comparing the code for glossary in the hope I spot something that needs to be modified, but I'm getting out of my depth with that sort of debugging. Hoping for a more solid answer on this.
Dave Gardiner

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