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Subject: images scaling problem for print output

Hello all,

I am trying to use the images unscaled to use them in their actual size for print output. But so far all my approaches failed. All images always use the available space on the page, which decreases quality massively whenever images are smaller than the available space. My image objects look like that:

            <imagedata fileref="images/logo.png"/>

I went through everything related to graphics and customization in the Docbook XSL Guide and the docbook-apps. Nothing seems to help. All attributes used for image sizing (scalefit, width, contentdepth, …) in my custom-fo file are either ignored by xsltproc or do not even show up in the console. Other customizations work, though.

Is it really that complicated leave pictures unscaled? Do I have to work with templates for such an "easy" task? Could somebody give me an example of what I have to write into the custom-fo file to leave my images unscaled? Any help would be highly appreciated!


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