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Subject: VirtualBox DocBook 5.0 VM

I recently built an Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Machine (VM) with a
working DB 5.0 (with name spaces) build system for a presentation I
made at our local annual Computer Tech last week, and I put it in a
public place for my attendees to use if they were interested.

The VM is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32-bit and uses a GNU Makefile, Perl
programs and modules, xsltproc, and Apache fop 1.0 for the tool chain.
 It has a program to generate a new DB project directory in which it
copies a Makefile and an example set of files to generate html and
pdf.  The user can then edit the example files as he or she wishes and
add new features as they learn more about DB.  It is a turn-key DB

I have since taken the VM down and am improving it a bit before I put
it back up.  I would like to offer it to the DB community and hope
that it can be a growing project that incorporates the wisdom, skills,
and experience of this group.

The location of the VM will be on my Dropbox site at:


At the moment there I have some files, including the proposed license
and other information and some quick-start instructions which will
also be included in the home directory of the default  user.  Comments
and suggestions are welcome.

I won't put up the VM until I get an okay from someone here that the
docs look reasonable for a start.  I intend to name the VM:


unless I have better suggestions

The  site where I have the other information I released for my
CompuTech 2012 presentation is at:


If interested as a user or a contributor, please contact me at
<tom.browder@gmail.com> (and CC this list).

Eventually I will probably move all the customized DB project support
files to SourceForge if there is enough interest, but for now I have
all but the VM itself under version control on my network.

Best regards,


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