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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] WebHelp search results - can they be generated in context?

The option to add a summary to WebHelp search results appears not to work as expected when using: phrase role="summary".
I set this tag immediately inside each <para> and when I search for a word, the summary text I get will be from the *last* phrase element in the whole section within which is the search term - and not the text from the para that contains the search term. Further, the text within <phrase role="summary"> is generated in HTML files - so there needs to be either some sort of filter for the d:phrase template that excludes the text specified with @role="summary" from being propagated, or change the name of the element in the relevant WebHelp template (and even then, the summary displayed in a search must come from the para containing the found term).

On 16-03-12 12:32 AM, David Cramer wrote:

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Not sure if this is what you mean, but you can have it include brief summaries in the search results:


"When you perform a search, the results can include brief summaries. These are populated in one of two ways:


    By adding |role="summary"| to a |para| or |phrase| in the |chapter| or |section|.


    By adding an |abstract| to the |chapterinfo| or |sectioninfo| element."

Including a few words before and after the found term would be hard to implement with the current client-side search. You probably want to use a google site search for that.


On 3/15/12 6:35 AM, Xmplar wrote:
> Am wondering whether it's possible to customise or develop WebHelp so that when invoking a search, the results include a few words before and after the search term. It seems that (say, with autoindex) at best only the section title within which a search term is located will be displayed as a search result.
> Is it possible to get search term results linking to the actual search term?
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