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Subject: xlink:show="new" support omits link element

Version 1.77.0 adds support for xlink:show="new", so you can open an HTML link in a new window instead of replacing the current window. It works for various inline elements, but not for link itself. Is this a bug? For example this link

  <para><link xlink:href="my.mp3" xlink:show="new">Audio</link></para>

... generates XHTML link output with the wrong target value:

  <p><a class="ulink" href="my.mp3" target="_top">Audio</a></p>

Changing the element from link to phrase works:
  <para><phrase xlink:href="my.mp3" xlink:show="new">Audio</phrase></para>

Resulting in the target I expect:
<p><span class="phrase"><a class="phrase" href="my.mp3" target="_blank">Audio</a></span></p>

As far as I can trace it, inline.xsl seems to omit link when it enumerates all the supported elements, so simple.xlink doesn't get called.


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