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Subject: Outside margin notes

I am trying to create an outside margin note in double-sided output, but am running into trouble.

I can set margin.note.float.type to outside, and that works (I'm using XEP, which can handle outside/inside), but to make the margin note actually be outside the text, the body text needs to be indented.

The problem is that the only parameters I can find to set the body indent are body.start.indent and body.end.indent, and they act on the start/end of the text, not the inside/outside.

So, if I set body.end.indent (leaving body.start.indent at 0pt), I get nice margin notes on recto pages, but regular sidebars on verso pages (and the text has extra space on the inside on verso pages). If I do the reverse, verso pages are fine and rectos are messed up.

So, what's needed is body.inside.indent and body.outside.indent, but they don't exist.

Does anyone know of another way to make this work? BTW, I know that if I set body.start.indent and body.end.indent to the same value, I can get the effect I want, but at the expense of wasted space on the inside of each page.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Best Regards,
Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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