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Subject: DocBook Slides 5.0 beta1 available for testing

Dear DocBook Users,

I'm proud to announce the first beta of the new DocBook Slides 5.0
schema extension, rewritten for DocBook 5.0. This version has been named
as beta since it already contains the planned feature set for the final
release of 5.0 but it still needs testing. Unfortunately, the parameter
reference is not included since I was unable to build it, yet I followed
the instructions and I tried it on both FreeBSD and a freshly installed
Ubuntu Linux. I know this is a deficiency but I hope that I will be able
to provide it soon. For now, you have at least a list of parameters and
default values in xsl/slides/xhtml/params.xsl and
xsl/slides/fo/params.xsl. Most of the names are probably quite intuitive.

This beta version can be downloaded from here:

After downloading, please start at the BETATEST file.

Please at this point now report all inconveniences or bugs that you


Slides 5.0 beta 1
- slides.rnc: Fix spelling of collapsible
- fo/*.xsl: Implemented XSL FO stylesheets
- *.xsl: Parameter references are now marked up in the conventional
  way so that parameter references can be generated
- *.xsl: Properly generate speakernotes and handoutnotes
- *.xsl: Use the titlepage mechanism for title pages
- *.xsl: Factor out common templates to common/common.xsl
- images/: Generate .svg callouts, as well
- files/s5: Styling improvements
- files/slidy: Styling improvements
- doc/slides.xml: Update documentation
- doc/user.css: Add forgotten styling for left and right blocks

Slides 5.0 alpha 2
- Deliver S5 and Slidy files with a slightly modified
  styling that is more appropriate for slides.
- slides:rnc: Add the incremental and collapsable to the
  dbs namespace to better distinguish that they are part
  of DocBook Slides
- slides.rnc: Allow inline MathML and SVG in foil content.
- slides.rnc: Add a block element to control layout on foils
- slides.rnc: Introduce a dbs:style attribute for adding styling
  info to specific elements.
- slides.rnc: Allow title, titleabbrev and subtitle outside
- dbs3-upgrade.xsl: Copy inline MathML and SVG chunks.
- dbs3-upgrade.xsl: Do not enclose title, titleabbrev, subtitle
  into info if they were not wrapped in the original document.
- xhtml/plain.xsl: Add extensive support for inline MathML and SVG.
  There are several ways to embed them into the output and
  it can be tuned by XSL parameters.
- xhtml/plain.xsl: Properly handle title generating based on the above
  change and always prefer titleabbrev over title if present.
- xhtml/plain.xsl: Rework attribute processing so that inheritance
  work as supposed to
- xhtml/plain.xsl: Support blocks by wrapping content into classed
  divs.  They can be styled in user.css.
- xhtml/*.xsl: Add support for incremental images.
- xhtml/*.xsl: Support for an extra user.css that can hold
  additional styling over those of S5/Slidy
- doc/slides.xml: Add SVG and MathML examples
- doc/slides.xml: Add incremental image example
- doc/slides.xml: Add an user.css to support incremental image
- doc/slides.xml: Mention using bibliography for references
- doc/slides.xml: Add a block example
- doc/slides.xml: Reorganize image-related content
- doc/slides.xml: Use CALS tables that are better supported by
  DocBook XSL
- doc/slides.xml: Update mini-reference

Slides 5.0 alpha 1
- Initial rewrite from scratch for DocBook 5.0.
  For now only supported output formats are
  plain XHTML, S5 and W3C Slidy.

Gabor Kovesdan

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