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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook Slides 5.0 beta1 available for testing

Em 08-08-2012 15:17, Thomas Schraitle escreveu:
> So one of the first steps that I usually do when I encounter a new
> schema is to load the schema and play with them in my XML editor. As a
> new user, it is a lot more convenient, obvious, and user-friendly to
> get some "hints" during writing. That allows me to browse through the
> list, read the tool tip and to get an idea about this element or
> attribute. Luckily, if a schema contains such annotations, it is
> displayed as a tool tip in my XML editor.
> For example, here is a snippet for DocBook's chapter element (the
> annotation is the indented line starting with ##):
>   db.chapter =    
>     ## A chapter, as of a book
>     # [... Schematron rules omitted ...]
>     element chapter {
>       db.chapter.attlist, db.chapter.info, db.component.contentmodel
>     }
> Unfortunately, annotations are not supported by Emacs/nXML if I'm not
> mistaken. However, oXygen and others display them as a tool tip etc.
> I think it will not be very hard to extend the Slides schema and add
> these annotations.
> Apart from this minor detail, it is really impressive. Keep up the good
> work! :-)

Thank you Thomas for your review, I'll add such annotations soon and you
they will be available in the next beta or final release.


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