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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] WYSIWYG Editor for docbook

On Mon, 13 Aug 2012 17:21:55 +0100, Paul Taylor <paul_t100@fastmail.fm>
> Im giving Oxygen a go, found it a bit difficult to use at first but now 
> getting the hang of it.
> One advantage is does seem to have is not only can you work with docbook

> xml its also setup to generate html/pdf ecetera form the xml with minium

> effort.

XMLMind (http://www.xmlmind.com) has also been mentioned.  We use it in
our projects with a slightly modified version of DocBook v5 (we added a
couple additional constructs, which was not a hard task).  There's a slight
initial learning curve--I don't think there's any DocBook editor which is
truly wysiwyg--but our writers and editors have adopted well.  There is a
free version as well as a licensed version; the free version is quite
capable, in fact there's very little that the professional version adds. 
(We do use the pro version, in part because we need its capability to
interact with a WebDAV server for purposes of using svn.)

   Mike Maxwell
   University of Maryland

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