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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] WYSIWYG Editor for docbook

On 8/12/2012 4:41 PM, Richard Hamilton wrote:

There are a bunch of very good visual editors out there that will
handle DocBook. The one I know best is Oxygen
(http://www.oxygenxml.com/), which works very well with DocBook.

The last time I tried opening one of my DocBook manuals with it (version 9, maybe?) it didn't handle XML Includes gracefully.

I like to have a top-level document that simply includes all the chapter files, which lets me edit the chapters individually. This keeps file sizes reasonable and (much more important) localizes VCS comments to the relevant section of the document.

As I recall, oXygen sort of kind of attempted to open the top-level document, but didn't give me the seamless WYSIWYG view I expected: an editable version of the final PDF output. If instead I opened an individual chapter file, it got confused by the cross-references, since it didn't understand that it was looking at a tree in a forest.

Have they fixed this limitation, or does it still push you toward putting the entire document in a single file?

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