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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] titlepage.xsl anomaly

Hi Jirka,

The <div xmlns=""> is not coming from titlepage.xsl, it is happening later in some custom processing. However, the reason the null namespace gets inserted downstream is that the <div> elements in the generated titlepage.xsl are not in any namespace.

I.e., the generated titlepage.xsl file has no default namespace declaration (just declarations for xsl, exsl, and docbook, all three with prefixes), but it does have elements that have no namespace prefix (those <div> elements). This is different from the titlepage.xsl file in the 1.77.1 distribution, which has namespace declarations on each <div> element.

The titlepage template file (I presume you mean titlepage.xml) does have a default declaration (xhtml, as expected). In fact, once this started happening, I re-generated the distributed titlepage.xml file and got a generated titlepage.xsl file that was identical to the one in epub3/titlepage.xsl, except that the <div> elements have no namespace declaration on them and there is no default declaration.

So, I can manually fix the problem by adding a default namespace declaration to the generated titlepage.xsl file. However, I don't know why the epub3/titlepage.xsl file in the distribution puts <div> in a namespace, but a file generated from the same xml file doesn't.

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On Sep 10, 2012, at 1:47 PM, Jirka Kosek wrote:

> On 10.9.2012 21:15, Richard Hamilton wrote:
>> Thanks for the information. Is the change you describe in
>> titlepage.xsl in 1.77.1 or is it newer? I ask because I tried this
>> with 1.77.1 and it didn't change anything, so I suspect I don't have
>> a version of the stylesheets that has this change.
> This change is from October 2011, so it should be in 1.77.1 I suppose.
> Are you sure that <div xmlns=""> is comming from code generated by
> titlepage.xsl. It might be that you forgot namespace declaration in your
> titlepage template file.
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