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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Antenna House Formatter - customising extensions

Thanks Jirka,
Now I know what I'm up for - a small amount of extra code in FO, or a heap of stylesheet development. So I need to learn how to reverse-engineer FO back to DocBook stylesheet templates.

On 24-09-12 12:15 AM, Jirka Kosek wrote:
On 23.9.2012 12:46, Xmplar wrote:

But looking at their website, in particular the axf extensions
available, I can't determine whether:
1. all the extensions come bundled with the formatter out of the box, or
Extensions available depends on version you purchase (Full/Lite) and
some of them are available if you buy some additional add-on.

2. if there are supporting stylesheets available at cost I need to
integrate with my customisations, or
Standard DocBook XSL stylesheets supports some extensions for document
metadata, PDF bookmarks and index creation.

3. if there are only examples of stylesheet implementations available
for individual extensions, which I would then need to copy and somehow
get to work with DocBook.
If you need something additional except few things I have mentioned
above you will have to customize stylesheets.


Dave Gardiner
Mob. 0416 833 993

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