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Subject: [ANN] Release of cop-e-boox v 0.1

Xmplar have released cop-e-boox v 0.1, a bundle of open-source DocBook stylesheets and templates for learning XML digital publishing.

Cop-e-boox works with desktop publishing software and has a browser interface that lets users set styles for document and page layout to produce ebook formats. The stylesheets produce PDF, EPUB 2 and XHTML web documents from a single-source publishing workflow.

Small publishers can use cop-e-boox with lightweight commercial XML packages and are not locked into any proprietary system. A browser-based interface makes it easy to change text, tables and graphics styles for complex book layouts.
The package is supported with training for small publishers that introduces the concepts and capabilities of XML for publishing. Xmplar are digital editors developing desktop publishing technologies.

For more information, visit www.xmplar.biz.
Dave Gardiner

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