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Subject: PDF transformation: Why is the right border of my inline "box" missing when I transform to PDF. It works for HTML and Oxygen XML Editor.

my last request had some substantial mistakes. The problem still exists and a solution is not yet in sight. I´m afraid that I still need your help.

We use Oxygen and DocBook to write and maintain our user manuals.
Since these manuals describe various software applications, we often insert "buttons".
Until recently, these buttons were inserted as screen shots, taken from the original application.

In the course of time, we realized that the effort maintaining the amount of screens shots was to high, so we decided to add a new style to our XSL style sheet to imitate the original buttons. Basically what we did is to create a format for an inline "box" with a solid border.:

<xsl:template match="d:button">
<fo:inline background-color="#D3D3D3" color="#4B0082" font-family="Courier New" font-weight="bold" text-align="start" border-style="solid" border-width="thin" padding="1pt" >

The expected result was a solid box to indicate that its content was a "button":

| Button |

It worked out fine for the HTML output, as well as the editor View.

However, transforming to PDF results in

| Button

The right border is missing, and we can´t figure out why.
The strange thing is, it works when we replace the fo:inline by a fo:block. Nevertheless, this is not a solution, since the button is supposed to be an in-line element:

Click on | Button | to ....

The FO transformer is Saxon 6.5.5. The entire documentation, including the transformation is done with Oxygen XML editor.

Thanks for your help,

Daniel Keyes

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