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Subject: image fileref and xincludes

Hi there,

(Within FOP)
I was wondering if there is a way to reference images within an absolute URI xincluded file.

I know there exists the

<xsl:param name="keep.relative.image.uris" select="1"></xsl:param>

parameter which (if included in the stylesheet customization) makes the fileref reference to be "literally copied" to the output fo-file, but then all images referenced in relative URI xincluded files are not resolved anymore

These absolute URI xincluded files are not absolute referenced on purpose.
They arise when resolving a file like so

<xi:include href=""> ...

        rewritePrefix="somerelativedir/" />

What I intend with this is to make many xinclude resolutions to depend on the catalog that is used on the xsltproc invocation.

This works, but fileref tries to look for a file in
which doesnt exist.
This only occurs for fo. Html processing resolves image files flawlessly.

So my problem could be resolved in any of these three ways
- Find an alternative way to make selective path resolution depending on the catalog used
- Making fileref resolution to behave just as xinclude referencing works
- Making fileref resolution for FO work just like it does for html

Many thanks in advance.


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