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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Bibliography vs. olinks

Hi Alexey,

On Thu, 12 Sep 2013 09:28:28 -0700
Alexey Neyman <stilor@att.net> wrote:

> Yes, I've tried jing too and it worked, although I am a little bit
> concerned that it didn't have any development activity since, I
> believe, 2008.

Yes, it's looks a bit outdated. Don't know if this is really the case.

> And, being a Java tool, it was considerably slower
> than xmllint - I wanted to avoid adding another Java tool in our
> toolchain unless absolutely necessary.

Hmn, probably yes, but I didn't recognize any speed issues with Jing.
Even if I validate an extensive book it's incredibly fast. 

> But RNG validation was not the only issue we've faced with DB5 and
> libxml2: we also actively use entities, and libxml2 currently loses
> namespace declarations when it goes from parsing the "main" document
> into parsing an entity. [...]

Urgs. Seems to be a blocker to me.

    Thomas Schraitle

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