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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] attribute sets -- what possible attributes can I use?

Hi Robert,

Am Samstag, 14. September 2013, 10:25:53 schrieb Robert Nagle:
> [...]
> But  I don't understand is what possible named attributes can be added to a
> single attribute set.

You can add all attributes from the FO specification as long as they make 
sense or are allowed for a specific FO element. 

> [...]
> 1. Am I correct in assuming that it's possible to add other attributes here
> which are not mentioned?

Sure. For example, you could change the text color, background color, borders, 
indentation etc. As said, everything from the FO specification.

> 2. Where can I find a list of possible values which can be used for each
> (or all) attribute sets?

As a starter, you could look into the FO specification itself:


Skip the "Common Aural Properties" as they usually doesn't make sense (and are 
also not supported in most FO formatters).

Keep in mind, not all FO formatters support every FO attribute. 

> I know it has something to do with xsl-fo, and actually I have a copy of
> Dave Pawson's XSL-FO book lying around, but other than that, I don't really
> have a clue where to start.

As the XSL-FO specification is based on CSS, you will find lots of overlap 
between FO attributes and CSS rules. This is intentional and you can use that 
to look into the CSS specification, tutorials, and other examples. Of course, 
not all CSS rules are applicable to FO, but the details are shown in the FO 

Apart from that, most FO formatters have also tutorials or other useful 
information. Here is a short, but not exhaustive list:


Good luck!

  Thomas Schraitle

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