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Subject: Re: Syntax highlighting

davep <davep@dpawson.co.uk> writes:
> No problem with line numbers. I guess it's the outcome we want
> rather than how it is done?
>   Would that work with insertions too? E.g. lines with (6) etc
> which are referred to in commentary?

Yes, that should still work.

>> As long as I'm airing dirty laundry, I'm also tempted to abandon the
>> XSL stylesheets and work instead on a purpose-built HTML+CSS rendering
>> for printing.
> I can see you getting 80% with html and CSS...
> My penneth says you'll fall over on the 20% so I'm -1 on this.
>   Do you believe you can do it?
> What of re-ordering, toc etc?

Oh, you'd need a "for print" HTML stylesheet. There's lots of things
that CSS can't do. But I still think that would be easier for most
people than dealing with XSL FO.

                                        Be seeing you,

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                                   | Gorboduc, 'That that is, is'.--
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