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Subject: Accessibility and output HTML tables


I'm using DocBook 4.5, and 1.78.1 release of the XSL stylesheets, and I need to output tables in (X)HTML so that they are accessible.

I've seen from various posts on this list that the CALS table model in DocBook 4.5 does not really provide sufficient markup for me to achieve this. However the HTML table model does provide everything I need.

For simple tables, the scope attribute (scope="col", scope="row") on <td> and <td> is sufficient to meet my requirements.

(I have been able to output this markup for CALS tables thanks to other posts on this list)

For complex tables, the headers attribute on <td> and <th>, containing a list of IDs of the header cells is sufficient.

However, in my tests it seems that only the headers attribute is passed to the output. The id and scope attributes are not.

In xhtml/htmltbl.xsl around line 61 there is template that copies specific selection of table attributes to the output.

Adding id and scope to that list enables me to generate the required markup in the output.

Is anyone aware of any good reason *not* to do this?

Just trying to understand the logic of the default processing outputting the headers attribute without the corresponding required id attributes.


Andy Hatton

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