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Subject: Issues and questions when validating agains epubcheck4

Good morning,

Questions first:

  • Does the epub3 stylesheets honor the css.decoration parameter? 
  • if css.decoration is not honored is there a way to strip all inline styles that doesn’t involve global search and replace?
  • Is there a way to add titles to links?

Reason why I ask is that  when working with epubcheck4 it complains a lot about inline styles and accessibility (and inline styles make custom CSS harder). 

When I look at the generated HTML I see the following examples of inline styles
  • Table border for block quotes and callout lists has a border attribute
  • TD elements inside the tables  have an inline  width style attribute
  • TD elements for blockquote attribution have an align attribute
  • It expects heading rows to have th elements instead of td, even in tables that are being used for layout
epubcheck also complains about links that have no text: The callout links on callout lists are images only.  I’m not 100% sure how that works as far as screen readers are concerned. 

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