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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Finding out if an element is processed as part of an xref text

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Hi Bob,

thanks a lot for the answer. In the meantime, I had conceded that my
issue was a bit of a corner case and maybe not worth pursuing with too
much fervour (at least for now :) ).
I am now using the sans-serif font for all xrefs (with the correct
size, of course). That seems to work quite well because I can set the
font size before going down the entire substitute-markup rabbithole.
It may break the reading flow a tiny bit, so it is not ideal... but well.

On 24/07/14 18:37, Bob Stayton wrote:
> You should ignore the $title param that is passed in, and
> reprocess the context element to format its title the way you want
> it to.  You can replace mode="title.markup" with a custom mode that
> passes along $purpose.  Then $purpose can be passed further down
> into processing the inlines.  But you'll need to customize the
> template for any inline you want to use so it accepts a $purpose
> param so it can act on it.

That sounds invasive. :( I had hoped I wouldn't have to modify or copy
essential all mode=title.markup templates. And the point about having
to modify all inline elements that can contain anything that is
formatted in the monospace font is also rather true.

Again, thanks.


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