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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Multiple Languages in one DocBook Document

Hi Bob,

Am Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014, 08:35:44 schrieb Bob Stayton:
> While there is code in the HTML stylesheets to handle @lang down the
> element level, no such code was ever added to the fo stylesheets.  The
> lang attribute and writing-mode are only used at the document level in fo.

Thanks for confirming my observation. :)

> At this point I would consider this to be a bug, so please go ahead and
> file a bug report on the DocBook SourceForge site.  I don't see an easy
> fix for it, though, because a lot of templates for elements will have to
> be modified.

Find my bug report here: https://sourceforge.net/p/docbook/bugs/1345/

It would be nice if we could fix that. I could easily change the para 
template. However, as you've indicated, it would be much more work for other 
elements to correct it.

Thanks for your answer! :-)

  Thomas Schraitle

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