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Subject: Problems with bibliography

Hi there

I have for year created my course materials with docbook 5, with no or very few problems at all.

Recently I reinstalled my laptop with a new Linux, Arch Linux, and after that my generated html pages from the docbook xml documents
started displaying:

Error: no bibliography entry: Col11 found in file:////home/nml/.docbook/biblio.xml

and similar for all bibliography entries.
The bibliography is built according to http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/doc/fo/bibliography.collection.html
and worked splendidly until the reinstallation.

I searched and the only thing I found was something that indicated I had a similar problem 4 years ago. But the threads do not give away the solution, and I have no recollection about the solution.

I have tried a verbose output from xsltproc but it reveals nothing more than the above. The biblio.xml file has the proper url, my browser displays it, and it does contain the xml:id's that I refer to.

I use make and the makefile:

                rm -rf site
                mkdir site
                xmllint --xinclude \
                                module.xml > /tmp/docbresolved.xml \
                xsltproc \
                                --output site/ \
                                docbook.xsl \
                                /tmp/docbresolved.xml \
                                2>./errlogxslt && \
                tar czf site.tgz site/*
                echo "site.tgz ready for deployment"

Does anyone have a clue or intuition?

Niels Muller Larsen, MSc
Programmer, Assoc Professor

Most people can do without the essentials, but not without the luxuries.

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