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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Recommended docbook element for a "Problems section"

On 11/01/16 08:47, Thomas Schraitle wrote:

I fear, there is no dedicated element for a "problems" section.

However, you can try the label attribute and set it to an empty
value. It is there to influence the section numbering. Not sure if this
is what you want.

On the other side, the best approach is probably to use the role
attribute, set it to role="problem" and write a XSLT customization
layer for further processing.

[ ... ]

- I've been thinking about using a section element with a dedicated
role attribute, that triggers customized processing, but that's just
a wild idea for now.

I did the same with my cookbook which you can browse here:
(will be moved to GitHub in the future)

Used a role="problem" and "solution" but ATM, I haven't done any
special processing with them.

OK. Based on your comment I eventually decided to follow my "wild idea" after all. I made it a section using "nolabel" as the section's role attribute. I customized the templates section.heading and toc.line to process differently, depending on that role attribute.


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