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Subject: Xsltproc with XInclude (Docbook 5)

I am trying to find a suitable combination of tools under Linux (currently Fedora 23) for validating and publishing from Docbook 5 to PDF, PostScript, RTF, and some variant of HTML (preferably xhtml strict, but most any variant will work). Some of my testing "almost" works via xsltproc using the sourceforge download for docbook.xsl, but apparently what I need is the "xi" version, docbookxi.xsl, which I have not been able to find. If I give up dividing into multiple files vi XInclude, and instead use a DTD and entities, or else create one large monolithic file, things work...however, this is very difficult to work with...I'd end up going back to less desirable less flexible tools.
For use of Docbook 5 under Linux and xsltproc, where would I find a suitable XInclude stylesheet (docbook.xsl)? Or is there some other recommended route for processing Docbook 5 books while splitting into separate files for each chapter?

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