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Subject: javascript to chunked xhtml output from docbook

Hi guys

I am producing course materials for various it courses with docbook 5.
I use chunked output so that I get a series of lessons (chapters) each consisting of separate sections. That is a section becomes an xhtml page by this procedure. (http://x15.dk/auit/site/)

Now I need to include a bit of javascript into the head element of one of these xhtml pages. The javascript should create an svg element with content dynamically putting it into an 'id' div in the page.

Everything is tested and works in a separate, custommade html-page.

But not through docbook. I have looked at Bobs material for including premade html into a docbook produced page, but I can't get it to work.

Does anyone have an example of something like that, and are you willing to share, please?

Niels Muller Larsen, MSc
Programmer, Assoc Professor

Send some filthy mail.

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