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Subject: Automatically detecting which PDFs are affected by changes in a DocBook Git commit


We use Git to version control our modular DocBook XML code base. I´d like to enforce stricter change management than what simply inspecting the Git log manually offers. Specifically, I want to trace each modular DocBook XML fie that has been changed up to the PDFs that will be changed as a result.

Tracing the ancestor files through a sequence of xi:includes is trivial. My challenges are:

1. Profiling. I need to trace ancestor elements taking profiling into consideration.
2. Entities. We use entities extensively for both aliases and reused text. Is there a way to track effects of changed entities without starting with a brute force search of all DocBook XML files using that entity?

Are there any tools, standalone or add-ons to oXygen, that support this or similar behavior, or am I better off writing my own script? In case of script, which option is better: XSLT or any scripting language facilitating text parsing?

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