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Subject: Launching DocBook CCMS Calenco SaaS

Good Morning fellow DocBook users,

I am excited to announce the SaaS availability of our DocBook based Components Content Management System Calenco.

It features:

  • A tag based classification system for all your content
  • Visual representations of dependencies (inclusions and images)
  • Automatic multi-formats publishing
  • Connectors to push outputs on remote servers (FTP, SFTP, email)
  • An impressive Full Web WYSIWYM XML Editor
  • A fully graphical, Drag'nDrop PDF Layout editor
  • Ability to import your own XSL
  • Full integration with a Translation Management System
  • And many more...

It's been in production for years now in dozens of companies in Europe.

We would be delighted to get feedback from the community, you can register a trial account at: https://www.calenco.com/en/Rates-Trial-offer.html

Do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Have nice day,

French Fab Â
Camille BÃgnis
789, rue de la gare
F-13770 Venelles

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