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Subject: [ANN] foponts - simple configuration for Apache FOP to get a predictable results

Hi all,

I've published a new small project on github - foponts. It is just a
simple configuration file for Apache FOP to get a predictable PDF
output using OFL-licensed fonts.

1. The project is available at: https://github.com/eduardtibet/foponts

2. foponts is recommended when:

- you are not sure about fonts you are using and/or have and feel
uncomfortable with any patent-related issues with fonts within your
- you want to be sure that you use fonts that are free to use
anywhere, where OFL license allows you;
- you are using Cyrillic characters in your documents or deal with a
Cyrillic documents only (work with a documents in Russian) and want to
get a .pdf without any hassle - you are boring to get a document full
of #### signs instead of a Cyrillic characters.

3. A reasons, why foponts was created:

If you have any questions, contact me directly or open an issue at


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