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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Footnote marks missing

I did as you advised. I found the offending template:

<xsl:template match="d:para"> <!-\- In kompakten Listen para-Abstand anpassen -\->
ÂÂÂ <xsl:variable name="keep.together">
ÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:call-template name="pi.dbfo_keep-together"/>
ÂÂÂ </xsl:variable>
ÂÂÂ <fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets="para.properties">
ÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:if test="$keep.together != ''">
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:attribute name="keep-together.within-column"><xsl:value-of
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ select="$keep.together"/></xsl:attribute>
ÂÂÂÂÂ </xsl:if>
ÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:if test="ancestor::*/@spacing = 'compact'">
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:attribute name="space-before.optimum">0.15em</xsl:attribute>
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:attribute name="space-before.minimum">0.1em</xsl:attribute>
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:attribute name="space-before.maximum">.2em</xsl:attribute>
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:attribute name="font-size">12pt</xsl:attribute>
ÂÂÂÂÂ </xsl:if>
ÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:call-template name="anchor"/>
ÂÂÂÂÂ <xsl:apply-templates/>
ÂÂÂ </fo:block>

As I cannot why this removes footnote marks, maybe you can explain it to me and please show how to overcome the problem.

Bernhard Kleine

Am 09.02.2019 um 17:00 schrieb Bob Stayton:

When I run into a problem like this, I start commenting out templates in my customization until I find the one causing the problem, then examine that one in more detail. If you find the culprit but cannot see why it is wrong, post it here.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

D-79853 lenzkirch
www.b-kleine.com, www.urseetal.net
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