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Subject: [Ann] Oxygen XML Suite Version 22.1 Release

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that Oxygen XML Author/Editor version 22.1 was

Listing below some new features which may be useful for our DocBook users:

*Copy/Paste From Author Mode as HTML
When you copy content from Author mode and paste it in HTML-aware tools
(like email clients, office applications, Google Docs, etc.) Oxygen tries
to preserve the overall styles such as links, lists, tables, bold, italic,
underline, etc.

*The Find/Replace in Files dialog box now has a new option (Always open
selected results in Text mode):
If unselected (the default state), double-clicking the resulted matches
will open the documents in whatever editing mode is specified as the
default for that document type. For example, DITA documents will open by
default in Author mode.
If selected, double-clicking the resulted matches will always open the
documents in Text mode (even if the particular document type is set to
open in Author mode by default).

*A new option was added in the MathML preferences page where you can
specify an external MathML application for editing MathML equations. For
example, the following command could be used to edit MathML equations with
a Libre Office application in Windows: "C:\Program Files\LibreOffice
5\program\smath.exe" "${cf}".

*The Ignore extra whitespaces option was added in the Find/Replace dialog
box. It is helpful when searching for space-separated words because
enabling this option means that line-breaks and indentation between words
will not affect the results.

For the complete list of features, see:

We hope you will enjoy Oxygen 22.1!
As always, any feedback on it is welcomed.

Best regards,

Alin Belu
Oxygen XML Editor

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