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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Biblioentry markup standards -- identifying the type of entry

(This will bounce for docbook@lists.oasis-open.org.)

On 11/06/2020 09:12, Norman Tovey-Walsh wrote:
Richard Hamilton <hamilton@xmlpress.net> writes:
Background: Iâve been using bibliomixed for XML Press publications. I
would like to move to using biblioentry, so I can cover more than one
output style. We primarily use the Chicago Manual of Style as our
guide, but I would like to be able to easily use other styles.

The bibliography stuff is a bit of a mess. It was originally cribbed
from the Majour[1] standard in the very early 90âs, I believe, on the

It was, IIRC.  Everybody cribbed from MAJOUR at the time.

assumption that reuse was better than reinvention. Iâm not sure what
happened to Majour after that.

I haven't thought about MAJOUR for decades.  I probably saw the DTD, but
I don't know that I ever saw that book.

The CoverPages has a few articles about MAJOUR [2].  If you want to see
the DTD (and you have a time machine), you can send an email to a server
on the BITNET network and get back an email with a UUencoded PKZip file
[3].  Sometimes the past really is a foreign country.


Tony Graham.
Senior Architect
XML Division
Antenna House, Inc.
Skerries, Ireland

> [1] https://www.abebooks.com/MAJOUR-DTD-Article-Headers-Modular-Application/3384898287/bd
[2] https://duckduckgo.com/?t=palemoon&q=majour+site%3Acoverpages.org&ia=web
[3] http://xml.coverpages.org/ews.html

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