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Subject: [ANN] Webinar: Publish technical documentation to Zendesk with Paligo

[ANN] Webinar: Publish technical documentation to Zendesk with Paligo

Paligo - the leading cloud CCMS for technical documentation based on DocBook XML has released major updates to offer even more flexible output channels. Paligo allows you to single-source your content, manage it with version branching and review and translation workflows, and publish to modern output formats like HTML5 responsive design, PDF/print, SCORM, Word, Salesforce Knowledge, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and many more.
[Upcoming webinar]:
June 23, 5 PM CET (11 AM EST, 8 AM PST)
The feature to publish professional technical documentation directly to Zendesk has now become even more powerful. With the new interface Zendesk Preflight you get a full visual preview of how your content will be mapped to Zendesk articles, and with the ability to configure it as you like.
Register for our upcoming webinar now to hear more about these updates to the Zendesk publishing feature.
- Selective publishing: publish entire publications or single articles
- Resolving links between articles even if published separately
- Remapping topics to different articles
- Changing status, visibility, ownership, all from within Paligo
- Removing obsolete content from Zendesk
- And much moreâ
We will also touch on the release on the following new output channel possibilities:
- Publish directly to your web server via FTP
- Integrate your publishing in your GitHub workflow
- Get Continuous Integration publishing Paligo to BitBucket
- Publish directly to Amazon S3
Hope to see you there!
/Team Paligo

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