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Subject: gentext.template.exists -- possible bug

The template gentext.template.exists in the 1.0 stylesheets has what may be a bug.

This template says that it returns 1 if a gentext template exists for a particular context and name and 0 if the template doesnât exist.

However, if a gentext template does exist, but it has a text value that is empty (e.g., <l:template name=âsomenameâ text=ââ/>), gentext.template.exists returns 0, not 1.

That is, it doesnât distinguish between a template with a null value for the text and a non-existent template.

My question is whether this is a bug or a feature? Iâm inclined to think itâs a bug, but Iâm not sure.

If itâs a bug, Iâm glad to file a report.

Best regards,
Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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