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Subject: Re: [docbook-publishers] [Fwd: Re: DocBook Publishers specification- comment resolution]

OK, I kind of feel that way too. I'll try to work on some of this in the 
evenings. I'm on the road this week, but would like to get this going ASAP.

Best regards,


Scott Hudson
Senior XML Architect
+1 (303) 542-2146  |  Office
+1 (720) 663-SCOT [7268]  |  Gvoice

Keith Fahlgren wrote:
> On 9/14/09 1:49 PM, Scott Hudson wrote:
>> If we are going to add documentation in the schema, and/or create
>> additional formats, we have to do it now. If we do that, we have to
>> enter another 15 day review period.
> I do think it would be valuable to add more documentation to the schema.

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