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Subject: RFE 3602904: line group and block quote elements

I exchanged messages with pcthoms regarding this RFE:

He/she is asking that the following be legal:


Right now, you cannot have <line> inside of a <blockquote> element. That's the addition the RFE is asking for.

At first, I thought he/she was just looking for a way to (ab)use the <blockquote> element to get an indent. But, while that is one result of doing this, the actual purpose is to markup a fragment of a song or a poem in the lines from a particular speaker, which sounds like a reasonable thing to do (though I don't know if <blockquote> is the best element to use for this purpose).

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether we should consider this change (allowing <line> inside <blockquote>, at least when <blockquote> is inside <linegroup>) or is there some other, hopefully better, way to achieve the same purpose?

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