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Subject: Re: Wordsmithing the official vote

Eduardo wrote:
| Norman Walsh wrote:
| > 
| > I want to make V4.0beta6 official. As per the San Jose f2f, I can
| > do that by requesting an email vote. But that means I have to phrase
| > the question properly. Wordsmithing suggestions please, before I
| > call the question :-)
| > 
| >   Resolved: we shall remove all references to "beta6" from
| >   DocBook V4.0beta6, release it officially as DocBook V4.0, and
| >   request that The Board approve it as an OASIS standard.
| Terry, help me out here, because I don't remember all the subtle
| distinctions between the current process and the one that will
| become final sometime this year, but I believe that what this
| TC can do is simply to submit it to the Board (leaving out
| the part about approval as OASIS standard), right?

Beats me.  We've never done anything before but publish the DTD.
Our Interim Process deals only with committees, not their

| > Anyone see a problem with that question?

Norm is only asking about TC approval at this point ...

regards, Terry

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